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Steam Heating Flatwork Ironer
  • Big rollers and important small rollers are made of stainless steel.
  • Machine operates smoother, frequency controllable by DELTA inverter with sprocket drive overlap technology makes transmission speed difference more accurate and reasonable.
  • Unit design makes the upgrading easier, lower the upgrading cost.
  • Special extended linen roller can avoid electrostatic adsorption.
  • Special treatment on the surface of big rollers for better ironingquality. Patent number:201621081502.2
  • The combination of high grade frequency conversion motor and worm gear reducer has fast running speed, large transmission torque, Stable operation and low maintenance cost.
  • Ironing belts can adjust the tightness by itself according to linen thickness, energy supply and belts themselves, to increase the ironing quality.
  • Load discharging bearing seat can eliminate the extra load, extending service life.

This product is CE (ECM ENTE SAFETY MARK) certified.

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