Quality Policy

"High quality product developing, knowing all the safety precautions,

consideration of environment, extend beyond customer's satisfaction

with continuous development."


EST. 1995

Manufacturing, distribution and services of industrial cleaning products for hospital, hotel, factory, school, restaurant and department store. Covered in laundry, warewashing and housekeeping department with various laundry equipment and dishwashers with full range after-sales services along with OEM for the market leading brands.

The products and services of ECOKEM are certified by various standards including ISO 9001:2015, GMP, Thai FDA, TISI. Green Industry and MiT. To ensure that our customers will receive the best products and services, which we will be the person behind their successes while providing them the best satisfaction.


"To become Thai leading company in cleaning chemical industry with eternity continuous development that able to compete in the international level."


"Continuously develop the best cleaning chemical products and solutions while providing the professional services with a reasonable price for the highest customer satisfaction."

About Us

ECOKEM Copany Limited was established in 1995 by a group of engineers, scientists (Chemical), technicians and accountant who have a knowledges and experiences in manufacturing and distribution of cleaning chemical products with the same goal to become the leader in change, to develop the solutions and services along with the high-quality cleaning products and to provide the world class experience for all customers while considering the importance of preserving resources and environment. 

From these reasons, ECOKEM have a strong foundation in product manufacturing and development with the committing after-sales services by our expert technicians and professional specialist, to be able to help the customer access the high-quality cleaning chemicals and products which are safe to use and have reasonable price.

ECOKEM conduct the business by dividing the market to ensure stability and a strong foundation in each department. Starting from the warewashing department, until 1998 when we ensured that our product and services were certified by Thai Industrial Standard Institue (TISI) and Thai FDA, which lead to the development in other departments. Since then ECOKEM have developed the laundry product to be certified by an international standard which is also appropriate for the usage of Thai customers, which are widely accepted and trusted by both public and private customers all across Thailand.

ECOKEM have a stable and continuous growth from our professional services, because we realised and well aware about the importance of good services and customer satisfaction. Hence, we are committed to provide the best solution and services to solve all the problem our customers faced by the best and efficient solution.

Success is a challenge and a never-ending process. We need to respond effectively to everything that is constantly changing. This success requires serious action and you have to have dreams, courage and confidence, trust and commitment to continue walking on the path to becoming successful.

Hence, the management team has stated the quality policy as,

"High quality product developing, knowing all the safety precautions,

consideration of environment, extend beyond customer's satisfaction

with continuous development."

ECOKEM Co., Ltd. have been certified of good manufacturing practice (GMP) by Thai FDA and also operating according to ISO 9001:2015 standard for manufacturing and distribution of cleaning chemical products and disinfectant with installation and services of industrial laundry system and dishwasher.

Some of our customers and partners we serve,

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